Meet the team

We are a small team …

We are a small team of volunteer educators, social workers and support service providers. Meet Corinne.

We all have day jobs.

We are survivor-centred. We believe in the resilience, humour and grit of Queensland women. We are committed to maintaining privacy of those who share their stories with us, trusting us to advocate for change.

We will raise up the perspectives of front-line workers who have the solutions and deserve resource to carry out their work.

We are determined to maintain attention and effort on this issue. We know that this is a complex issue which will take long, term, sustained effort to bring about cultural change.

We are optimistic that through the curation of quality training, information and awareness raising that we can make life just a little bit better for the women, families and communities impacted by sexual violence, including members of the Queensland Police Service who are humans too.

We acknowledge that although women are the group most impacted by this issue, First Nation peoples, people with disabilities and LGBTIQA+ community members are deeply impacted by layers of disadvantage and vulnerability when interacting with police, the justice system and other services.

We are not here to tear down the Queensland Police Service, who we believe have the best intentions to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

We are committed to learning and growing, acknowledging we are not experts in this space.

We reserve the right to step back from this endeavour to engage in self-care and encourage others to do the same.

Image credit @johnschnobrich on Unsplash